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Here's what previous participants have to say

“I honestly cannot recommend this course enough if you are in any way interested in dining out. You will sharpen your beer skills, yes, but you also will be able to increase you and your guests' pleasure in a very specific and considered manner.”

Certified Sommelier & Restaurant Consultant

Christopher Wilton

“As an Advanced Cicerone®, I wish I had this class while prepping for Certified and above. Master Cicerone® Mirella Amato raised my awareness about pairing beyond my previous experience in food and beer. I learned how to take a systematic approach to pairing rather than relying strictly on my gut and experience. We also covered advanced strategies I hadn't considered before. This class is a must for anyone who wants to be a professional and educate or lead in the beer and food space. ”

Advanced Cicerone®, Beer Educator & Host, Good Beer Matters Podcast

Jeremy Storton

“I completely recommend this course if you are looking to expand your knowledge about beer and food pairing! I have spent time pairing beer and food on my own before this course but didn't understand the subtleties behind WHY certain pairings worked and others did not. As a result of this course, I am now equipped with a toolbox to make well designed and informed pairing decisions, and to explain them. Mirella Amato is a great teacher, and the lessons are approachable and fun :) ”

Beer Enthusiast & Foodie, @eye.of.the.beerholder86

Alaina Parchmann

“Mirella's beer and food pairing masterclass wasn't just a fun experience—it was foundational to a lot of knowledge I can build on as I continue to hone my pairing skills. Between the highly informative lessons, homework assignments, tasting and pairing activities, and Mirella's invaluable feedback, I feel much more confident and excited to share my love of beer and food pairings with the world.”

Certified Cicerone®

Matt Myler

“This was a really fun and informative course. I am not a cicerone, and do not work in the food industry but it was still easy to follow along. I like that you can go at your own pace on your own time, which makes it very convenient for someone with a busy schedule. I would recommend this to anyone in the food and beverage industry, or even if you just have a general passion for food and beer pairings. ”


Christina Frendo-Cumbo

“This was a wonderful course! Mirella has laid comprehensive lessons that flow naturally and make use of any pre-existing knowledge about Food and Beer. While this course is not intended for beginners, it is a fantastic resource for anyone who takes this industry seriously. If you are studying for any higher-level Cicerone Certification or just want to improve on your pairing techniques, this course is highly recommended. Worth every penny and more!”

Advanced Cicerone®, Terms of Enbeerment

Gilbert "Charlie" Perez

“As a woman-owned craft beer store and bar, customers ask me all the time what food to pair with their beers. This course breaks down the reasons why certain flavors work together. You'll learn simple tricks and guidelines for understanding interactions between beer and food combinations. With the tools that Mirella teaches, thinking about pairings becomes less intimidating and more intuitive. You should have a strong understanding of beer styles and be excited to dive deep into different food ingredients and dishes. This course is a must for any professionals in the craft beer industry (or even for beer enthusiasts and brewers) who want to enhance their sensory experience with beer and food.”

Certified Cicerone®, Owner: Beer Witch Craft Beer Store

Christa Sobier

“Through the course I developed a systematic approach to beer and food pairing. It helped me understand and organize pairing info in a logical and simple manner and now I am more mindful of the traits in beer and food and how they interact to make a synergistic pairing. I really enjoyed the course and now I have the tools to be more proficient in pairing and enjoy the beer and food pairing journey.”

Certified Beer Server / Certified Cicerone® Candidate

Carlos Clemente

“Mastering Beer & Food Pairing is an amazing online course that is not only informative, but engaging, and truly a must for anyone presenting beer & food pairings. I took the course in preparation for my Advanced Cicerone Exam but even as someone who has been hosting beer dinners, publishing beer pairings, and teaching beer for more than 5 years, I was able to learn new concepts and build upon my existing knowledge base. Mirella has a wealth of knowledge. I was very excited to learn from her experience and look forward to using these new strategies to improve the experiences I create.”

Certified Cicerone® & Brewery Educator, Karbach Brewing Co.

Josh Lindsay

“I took the online course "Mastering Beer & Food Pairing" to get more in-depth knowledge about the topic. As a professional beer sommelier, I wanted to gain more experience on a topic that was mainly covered in theory during my previous education. The online course is well structured and divided into different sections, so that I could fit them well into my schedule. The video sections are easy to understand, have very good slides and you can feel the passion that Mirella has for the topic. The quizzes and homework sections ensured, that I really digested all the input - that was a lot. But my real favourite part were the practical tasks, where I could try out everything in practice. All in all, it was the best online course I have taken so far, and I am grateful for the experience. ”


Florian Bauer

“As a Beer Educator, teaching beer and food pairing is always a challenge. Going over any more than the basics is tough in a short amount of time. Mirella has created an amazing tool that takes the student on a journey that builds on their knowledge from module to module, and allows them to learn in their own time, supported by easy-to-understand videos and exercises. The course also works for more experienced Beer Sommeliers/Cicerones as it takes food pairing skills to the next level. I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves making beer and food truly work together from new starters to seasoned pros!”

CMS Sommelier, Advanced Cicerone® & Wine and Beer Educator, Beer Wrangler

Jonny Tyson

“An absolute must-do for any aspiring Cicerone. Beer is such a versatile beverage. With so many different styles of beer, and so much of a variety of food, it's daunting to think about how best to go about pairing the two to show both off to their advantage. This course was fun, easy to follow, and very constructive in helping me to build a toolset to feel confident creating pairings of my own, on my own, in the real world.”

Certified Beer Server / Certified Cicerone® Candidate

Theodore Casser

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Mirella Amato is a driving force within the beer industry, having carved out her place as a consultant and educator in the world of beer. She is both a Master Cicerone® and a Doemens Bier Sommelier, has completed advanced brewing certificates at Maska Laboratories, Québec and UC Davis, California, and passed the WSET Intermediate Certificate in Wine & Spirits with honours. Mirella is also a National Level BJCP judge and has judged for noted international competitions including the European Beer Star, Great American Beer Festival, Brussels Beer Challenge, World Beer Awards and World Beer Cup. Mirella provides curriculum structure and content for both online and live educational programs. She has designed a number of programs focusing on craft beer essentials, food pairing and sensory-specific content for breweries in Canada, the US and Europe. She also created the curriculum for the sensory evaluation courses at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute Brewmaster Program, where she taught for their inaugural year. In She is the co-producer and Host of the podcast Hot Plate: a post-foodie podcast, which uncovers surprising discoveries and insights into food and drink. She also penned the award-winning book: Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer...Even More, available in English, French and German.

Mirella Amato

Craft Beer Consultant and Author

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